Kingston upon Thames is a town in England, located southern part of London. Kingston is a sport town full of leisure activities. Sport Kingston encourage sport activities in Kingston town and is funded by Royal Borough of Kingston.

On the central part of Kingston town is kingfisher centre, which is a recreation center which contain an indoor swimming pool and gymnasium. The gymnasium are equipped with modern equipment and personal trainer who offer best services and advice to clients.

Residents of Kingston can also look after themselves by having regular deep tissue massage. They can choose to either go to a gym or spa where you will find a resident massage therapist. Alternatively you can arrange for a mobile massage service. This means that you can have massage in the comfort of your own home. Massage can be a great comfort after a long walk along side the river in Kingston. 

Kingston town have parks along the river side such as Queens Promenade, which are perfect for running, cycling and playing Frisbee. The bushy parks offer favorable condition for training due to the cool breeze from the river and fresh air in the surrounding.

Kingston town have active sport clubs for football, tenpin blowing, tennis, rugby and basketball which are open for people to join at an affordable fee. The clubs are good health and fitness center for people.

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